• To inform and train our community on the risks of fire and to ensure fire prevention and planning is used to mitigate fire in our area.
  • For the FPA area of operation to enjoy the respect and support of the community.
  • To ensure planning and resources are in place to proactively ensure communities within the FPA area of operation are appropriately protected in the context of rural fire reduction, readiness, response and recovery.
  • To ensure fire suppression is coordinated and effective.
  • To ensure minimum equipment and personnel standards are met or exceeded while not compromising operational efficiency or effectiveness.
  • To ensure landowners are educated about forest and rural fire prevention.
  • To implement a personnel fire fighter training programme – from a minimum of basic training to crew leader and specialized courses.
  • Provision of quality maps to volunteers / fire wardens to assist them in their work.
  • Radio network coverage if possible to effectively combat emergencies and for the protection for our volunteers / members and the general community.
  • Establish relationships and management systems with our sister agencies (such as Provincial government departments, commercial forestry and local government fire services) to provide good working relationships and to ensure appropriate levels of hazard reduction are achieved.
  • Manage and co-ordinate all fire suppression operations
  • To develop joint Development Control arrangements with Municipalities to ensure the FPA and Municipalities work together efficiently to plan low risk developments.
  • The Executive Committee and any appointed staff to work as a team that is allows for a passionate, progressive and proactive organization and which in turn has an increasing profile and can make a significant contribution to the Provincial veld & forest fire management initiative.

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